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We are students from Boston International Newcomers Academy. This is the second year for the school newspaper The Lion’s Pen. We want to know what is going on in our school, in our communities, and in our world. Join us as we explore issues that make us frustrated, make us encouraged, and inspire us to make a difference. We have been interviewing experts in our city, our community, and our school. For example, we have been invited to be part of Mayor Marty Walsh’s press team. We will be covering his events and questioning him about issues that affect us all. Our goal is to use our voices to make a difference.



Mackenlay Zamor, a senior at BINcA, is the news director for The Lion's Pen.As the news director, he is the leader of the news team. It is his job to make sure everyone is on task and has an assignment.


His dream is to become a detective who protects his community.Mackenlay knows what it is like to feel unsafe. He was robbed by a man who pointed a gun at him and demanded all of his money.


Mackenlay also survived the massive earthquake in his home country of Haiti. He was on a roof studying when the earthquake hit.


In Haiti, the journalists did not do a successful job covering the news because the government censors the news. As a journalist he plans to keep his community safe by warning people about dangers and finding solutions to violence.





Sherley Valeus, a junior from BINcA, is the managing editor for The Lion's Pen. Her home country is Haiti.


Sherley is a natural debater, she loves to debate important topics that could change the world. She found out that she is passionate and persistent--a combination that makes people both smile and think.


Her goal is to become a business administrator who owns her own business and works with other companies to solve problems. She hopes that her debating skills make her successful!


Sherley will use her debating skills to interview important community members for The Lion’s Pen. Her goal is to solve problems and make a difference!





Manuel Alcantara, a senior from BINcA, is the new chief correspondent for The Lion's Pen. His home country is the Dominican Republic.


Manny is a natural at reporting stories because he loves reading stories. He loves reading books, especially comic books and history books. He likes to read so much that he sometimes hides the book during class, but he doesn’t really do a good job because everybody sees it.  Manny found out that he has courage to ask questions to famous and important people.


His goal is to become a private detective to make justice in the world and solve very complex cases. This makes Manny want to become a reporter who always tells the truth and uncovers stories that expose wrongdoing.






Betiel Brhane, a junior from BINcA, is the chief photographer and editor for The Lion's Pen. 


Betiel sees the world in pictures. She found out that she could tell a story with her photographs.  Betiel started taking pictures for fun four years ago, and then she saw a documentary about a photojournalist and that inspired her. 


She dreams of becoming a photographer and a writer who travels the world to make positive changes for the world.


In her home country of Sudan, she would be killed if she tried to practice journalism because there is no such thing as the freedom of the press. As a photojournalist for The Lion’s Pen, she plans to tell compelling stories using her words and photographs.




Guerson Saintil, a senior at BINcA, is the chief assignment editor for The Lion’s Pen. The chief assignment editor gathers information from the news and develops story ideas that expose problems, such as the 21 bus that never shows up on time!


Guerson's home country is Haiti.


He loves to play video games, especially PS3. Sometimes Guerson forgets about his homework because he is playing video games and practicing his shooting skills, but don’t worry, Guerson wants to use these skills to become a police officer--not a bad guy. Guerson dreams about becoming a police officer to keep his community safe.


As a journalist, he wants to keep his community safe by finding solutions to problems that affect his city and his school.




DJ Germany, a senior at BINcA, is the technology Director for The Lions Pen. He is in charge of the website because his passion is to design programs to make information interesting and make it comfortable to use as people navigate and get information in a special way.  


Germany's home country is Ecuador.


Germany plans to use this passion for technology to make The Lion's Pen creative and user friendly.


He also loves driving downhill bikes so much that he just can’t get rid of his bike to focus more on technology.  His motto is “Do what you like to do and don’t do what you don’t like to do.”





Jailson Teixeira, a sophomore from BINcA, is a Sports Reporter for The Lion’s Pen.


His home Country is Cape Verde.


Jailson loves to play soccer. He plays the forward position, and he is most proud of helping his team go to the finals this year. 


Jailson’s goal is to become a professional soccer player like Lionel Messi.


Jailson wants to become a sports reporter who covers all of the big wins and player accomplishments.  Watch for him at the big games.









Deny Dos Santos, a sophomore from BINcA, is a News Assistant for The Lion’s Pen.


His home Country is Cape Verde.


Deny loves to draw.  He is quite the artist and is often caught doodling in class. 


Deny is a bit of a hall wanderer, so we started putting him to work.  He is often helping teachers and staff by making photocopies and helping to organize the computers. 


Deny also likes to help The Lion's Pen by doing interviews and doing various adminstrative duties.  If you see Deny in the hallways, make sure to say hello!


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